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Reisterstown Tree Services: Removal, Trimming and Stump Removal

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**Storm Damage**

Tree Services: Removal, Trimming and Cutting in Maryland
Stump, Shrub, Brush and Dead Wood Removal

Maryland Tree Care offers all aspects of tree care: tree removal, trimming, pruning, cutting, stump removal & landscaping services in Reistertown, MD. We currently employs 10 professionals, so no job is too big or too small. We have a large assortment of professional equipment, including a crane, bucket trucks for tree trimming. We run background checks on all of our landscaping professionals. 

Our Priorities

  • Worker safety and training
  • Protection of your property including structures, adjacent plantings, and landscapes
  • Longevity and health of your trees through proper care
  • Eco-friendly treatment options and disposal of waste

Safety Protocols

Taking down even small trees involves planning and implementation of very specific safety protocols.  Is the wind right?  Exactly where is the center of gravity on the tree. Is the trunk split thirty feet up? Are there enough men on the job?  Can you clear all of the obstacles?  

Some things you can figure, but many others are things which only a well trained eye can spot.   Tree Discount Service Experts have years of experience working in some of the toughest conditions and will take all the necessary measures to make sure your job is done quickly and safely.


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